Angelique Adams has extensive teaching experience and is passionate about sharing the practice of mindfulness with her students. Her initial interest in bringing mindfulness into the classroom came about because she noticed that each year it seemed, that more and more, her young students were anxious. She found that by incorporating daily mindfulness practice into her classroom environment, the students were better equipped to deal with stress, their focus and attention improved, and overall, they became more compassionate towards one another. It was beyond words to see the positive effects of mindfulness on even her most challenging students! By sharing mindfulness practices, relaxation exercises, and other resources with her students’ parents, she saw how beneficial it was for the entire family. With parents on-board, she observed the children’s emotional regulation and learning readiness improve even more! 


Angelique has enjoyed working with families and children as an elementary classroom teacher in local private schools for over 17 years. Currently, she is teaching private clients and leading mindfulness parent groups. Since becoming a mother, Angelique has experienced firsthand how essential having mindfulness tools and self-care practices in place is in order to be a present and empathic mother to her 2-year old twins. She is passionate about providing this wonderful foundation for her sons as well as all of the mothers and families she works with. 


Angelique possesses a B.A. in Art & Art History from Southern California’s Liberal Arts College, Whittier College, as well as minors in English and Philosophy. In addition, she has a California K-12 Multi-Subject teaching credential. Some of her most recent professional development has included Mindfulness for Educators and Growth Mindset training. Angelique has participated in workshops hosted by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Deer Park Monastery and topics included: sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating.  


Angelique is facilitating the upcoming Mindful Motherhood series at CARE-LA and looks forward to coming together to share with other mothers about their mindfulness journey!