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Wenjia is a doctoral student at the California School of Professional Psychology and is supervised by Dr. Erin Cantwell at CARE-LA. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at New York University. She has been involved and conducted cross-cultural developmental research, which gave her many opportunities to work closely with children.


Wenjia has always had a passion for adolescent mental health. She worked as a classroom assistant at a summer camp for children. She has also worked as a counselor at several crisis hotlines. She has experience working with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Wenjia speaks fluent Mandarin, English, and Japanese.


In her various experiences, Wenjia was able to incorporate concepts from modalities such as CBT and mindfulness. She is able to utilize  concepts from these areas when working with people dealing with internalizing disorders. Her goal is to help young individuals develop and understand themselves so they can become the adults they strive to be.

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