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CARE-LA is proud to announce the addition of new groups for tween and teen girls! These virtual groups will be run by Dr. Bianca Vosoghi who is passionate about helping girls navigate through anxieties associated with this challenging developmental period. We will also address the difficulties of our current social climate due to COVID-19. With the ongoing school closures, it is especially important to increase teen socialization to boost emotional health. Due to these unprecedented times, Dr. Vosoghi would like to create a safe space for connection and growth, please join us for this very special group!


Areas of the Group Focus:

• Managing anxiety

• Psychoeducation of the fight/flight/freeze response with anxiety

• Social isolation due to Covid-19

• Applying to college

• “Brain Hacks” to counter panic symptoms 

• Building self-esteem/Assertiveness training

• Self-care

• Building an “anxiety toolbox”

• Mindfulness training 

• Social media management


To book a spot or for more information please press the link below:


Virtual Girls Group - Info & Reservations

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