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Dr. Lauren Stutman founded CARE-LA based on her passion to help children and adolescents with anxiety.

Dr. Stutman has extensive knowledge and her own personal experience struggling with and overcoming severe childhood anxiety, perfectionism and OCD. It is her belief that any person can transform their unique struggles into their most powerful asset.


Dr. Stutman received a dual-doctorate in clinical & school psychology from the APA accredited program at Yeshiva University of Albert Einstein School of Medicine. She is particularly skilled in CBT, exposure and response prevention (ERP) while incorporating mindfulness training into the therapeutic process. Dr. Stutman also received specialized training in autism spectrum disorders and impulsive compulsive disorders from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine with leaders in the research and treatment of OCD and other anxiety disorders. Additionally, she has extensive experience working with anxiety in outpatient clinics, private practice, hospitals and school settings.

Dr. Stutman also specializes in working with children that are twice exceptional (2e) and has run groups for 2e children and spoken on the subject at the national conference of the ADAA.

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