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“Dr. Stutman has had an immense impact on my life. She treated me at 15 and now at 29, I still carry with me the lessons of compassion and gratitude she nurtured in me. I had a rough time getting along with my parents and pretty much all authority figures. She was the first person in my life to actually hear me out and not treat me like a “bad apple” poster child. She made me realize that I wasn’t crazy. I’d come to our weekly sessions and show my progress, share with her the issues I could bear to share, and she would take it in so thoughtfully, not batting an eye at what I now know were wild stories coming from a teenager. I needed not just a friend but someone to help me break down my actions and the reality around me. There were times when I didn’t want to live, times when I wanted to give up and resort to unspeakable things to escape my life. Without Dr. Stutman I am certain I would not be where I am today. Fast forward a bunch of years and here I am. An owner of a big company that I founded, happily engaged and levelheaded. My 15-year-old self would’ve never believed it! I feel such a heavy sense of gratitude for Dr. Stutman and her guidance in those formative years. I truly would not be the person I am today without her. She saved my life.”

Miriam, 15-Year-Old Patient (Now 29 yrs old)

"I have seen quite a few therapists in my life and no one has been as good as Dr. Stutman. No one has helped me or understood me like she has"

Kathy, 45-Year-Old Patient

"When I get to see Dr. Stutman I'm so happy! Like a lot of kids, I used to hate therapy but with Dr. Stutman it's different. She makes every session fun! It's like wisdom + jokes, and when that happens....KABOOM!!"

Jocelyn, 15-Year-Old Patient

"My son has grown leaps and bounds while spending time with Dr. Lauren Stutman. She explains feelings and social skills in relatable ways that he is immediately able to incorporate. She is empathetic and fun, but most of all, insightful.  The growth of my son in his ability to handle emotionally challenging situations has been incredible. My testimonial, however, is less important than that of my son's, who gave Dr. Lauren the nickname  “Dr. More-en”, because “she is More intelligent, More kind, and you just want to spend More time with her." 

Mother of Logan, 7-Year-Old Patient

“My first session with Dr. Lauren was tricky because she wanted to help me but I was at a point where I didn’t want to be helped. After a few sessions, I slowly became comfortable with her and she helped me become the person I am today. If you are a person who is suffering with mental health issues, I want you to know it’s not easy; in fact it’s very difficult. When I had uncontrollable OCD and anxiety, it affected our home and Dr. Lauren helped me view myself, not as someone with mental health struggles, but as someone who has made change. My family and I now know how important it is to communicate and respect each other's feelings. Aside from helping myself, Dr. Lauren helped me help my family. It’s a really long process and you have to work very hard but don’t let that discourage you because it’s all worth it in the end. I know that sounds like a cliché and what I’m about to say is going to sound like one too, but there will be people that are supporting you and loving you every step of the way, Dr. Stutman will be there for you just like she was for me and just like she still is.”

Charlotte, 12-Year-Old Patient

"Recently I read a book about loving bravely.  As I read it I kept thinking, I already know and live this stuff.  It's a nice place to be.  Thank you, Dr. Stutman,  for being such an amazing force for change in my life.  While I'm still a work in progress, I am in a much more balanced and peaceful place, and a great deal of that is because you gave me the opportunity to work through a lot of pain, look at myself and my life with perspective and insight, and learn what strategies to use to deal with stress/anxiety/depression when it crops up."

Jessica, 35-Year-Old Patient

"Dr. Katrina Rydzewski has such beautiful, caring energy and a wide array of knowledge in caring for the emotional needs of gifted and 2E kids. She is upbeat, funny, and kind, and addresses her clients' needs with knowledge and creativity. She's always got a new idea up her sleeve for helping my child with his social/emotional needs and takes time to make sure the whole family is working together to achieve his therapeutic goals. My son can't wait to see her every week and we see him growing and changing beautifully under her care."

Mother of Brian, 7-Year-Old Patient

"In 2015 I had a fear of flying that was so intense, I was unable to fly alone. To say Dr. Stutman helped me work through this fear would be an understatement. Now, flying is a calm experience for me — just the other day I thought about an upcoming trip and thought ‘I feel excited to fly.’ 

Dr. Stutman helped me manage anxiety and OCD by giving me the tools that I needed. Before, anxiety and OCD felt like the two commanders of my life. Now, they play such a minuscule role; and on the rare occasion that I do feel them, I have the tools given to me by Dr. Stutman to help these feelings subside. She has done so much for me, and I always found myself looking forward to each session. 

She helped me learn things about myself and ultimately, to be proud of who I am. I am so thankful that I got to work with Lauren, for I would not be where I am today or who I am today without her." 

Zoe, 21-Year-Old Patient

"Dr. Stutman helped my family enormously by working with my son on his anxiety. He learned specific techniques to help him through difficult periods. It was enormously comforting to him to have these tools in his pocket and pull them out as needed. Dr. Stutman also connected with my son on a personal level. He felt so comfortable with her and even looked forward to their sessions together - no small feat when working with teenagers. I recommend her highly- she is a true gem who understands and connects with kids and adults alike."

Mother of Alex, 16-Year-Old Patient

"Dr. Lauren Stutman is the best!

We first met her when my son was 7 and had been seeing a number of different therapists. None of which understood my son. When she walked into our lives everything changed. There was an immediate connection between our son and family with her. She understood him and knew he was incredible. His life immediately started changing with the tools, understanding and compassion he was receiving from her. 

He’s now almost 15 and thriving socially and emotionally in school and life. He still sees her, every now and then, and looks forward to that time he gets with her. She’s helped him through some rough times and incredible times. He knows who he is and is proud to be himself! Thanks to Lauren!"

Mother of Christopher, 15-Year-Old Patient

"Dr. Lauren Stutman has an exceptionally keen talent for communicating with kids and sharing her considerable wisdom in a way they truly understand. If you are looking for the best in the business to connect with your child and guide their treatment path, look no further. Her expertise in the challenges of gifted and 2E kids is superb and she offers great support not just for the child but the family as a whole. She has a way of making even the youngest kids feel at ease in expressing their emotions and needs and knows just how to help them tame their biggest worries with compassion and respect. She is the best of the best and we cannot recommend her highly enough." 

Mother of Brandon, 5-Year-Old Patient

"Dr. Stutman was the one adult who was able to get through to my daughter, Ella, when she was facing serious challenges from anxiety and OCD. By relating to Ella with respect, dignity, and empathy, Dr. Stutman earned her trust and was therefore able to start Ella on the path toward treatment. Ella has described Dr. Stutman as 'an angel' who essentially came to her rescue when no one else could.

My whole family has benefited from Dr. Stutman’s expertise, intricate knowledge of OCD, and wonderfully dark and real sense of humor. She is a 'straight shooter' who draws from her own personal experiences to authentically connect with kids and families. We are grateful." 

Mother of Ella. 10- year old patient

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