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Gloria Canon is a massage therapist, licensed and certified in both California & Florida, since 2003.

She has completed a total of 800 hours of therapeutic massage training. She specializes in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage techniques, pediatric and pre-natal massage, hot-stone massage, myofascial release, sports massage and body stretching. She has also specialized in massage therapy for adults and children with disabilities as part of a government-assisted program.


Her continuing massage education includes: 

2017 - Lymphatic Massage Post Surgery

2015 - Orthopedic Massage for Cervical Condition and low back and hip pain

2013 - Lymphatic Drainage Angelical Health & Beauty Academy

2011 - Sport Massage Clinical, Injury Prevention and rehabilitation

2010 - Body Mechanics Instructed by Brad Carter Reflexology

2009 - Elite CNN - Communicable Disease Education - HIV/AIDS- Preventing Medical Errors - Professional Ethics in Massage Therapy - Laws Governing Massage Practice - Care for Special Population-Massage Therapy Insurance Reimbursement - Adult CPR  

2007 - Introduction to Cranial Release Techniques Seminar

2005 - American Safety and Health Institute Adult/Pediatric CPR- Informed Continued Education - Anatomy, Research and Medicine Techniques, other Touch Therapies - Practice and Marketing - Board on Massage therapy Laws and Rules - Ethic and Massage Therapy - Preventing Medical Errors  

2004 - Florida College - Myofascial Release and Dysfunctions - Guadalupe Vocational Institute - Infection Control/Universal - American Red Cross - Preventing Medical Errors 

2003 - Body Therapy/Atlanta Therapy - Natal and Prenatal Massage

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