Mindful parenting groups teach parents how to bring mindfulness into every day life at home for both children and teens as well as strengthening the family unit. Having a firm grasp of mindfulness tools will foster family connection especially in times of great stress.


Benefits of mindfulness for parents and children:

  • Deepening the connection between parent and child. 

  • Teaching families to have peaceful moments in times of stress.

  • Helping parents and children understand the mind-body connection in order to anchor them to their present experience.

  • Fostering an awareness of attention thereby increasing focus and purposeful action. 

  • Strengthening emotional resiliency and self-esteem by honoring the authentic self.


Mindful Motherhood Series


Television and the media present an image of “perfect mothering”, which is far from reality. Mothering is messy and wonderful. Most mothers don’t talk about how challenging and magical it is. This 10-week series led by Angelique Adams is designed to support mothers to embrace the ups and downs of motherhood and to delve into its impact upon our identity, relationships, and more. Through mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, participants will gain tools to respond to situations with kindness, love, and empathy. Through sharing our experiences and struggles in a safe setting, we will be able to create connections with one another and feel less alone. 


Tools mothers will gain from this series: 

  • Through meditation, learning to remove yourself from negative thinking and begin to observe your thoughts rather than identifying with them. 

  • Retrain your thinking and speaking with positive affirmations, which will counteract the negative messages we tell ourselves and help our brains to become more resilient. 

  • Learning how to replace the negative overthinking that occurs when stressed with ruminative thinking by channeling energy into creative outlets. 

  • Utilizing gratitude to notice what is going well and think about ‘the good’ for a more balanced view despite the stressful events that may come up in our day.

  • Establishing self-care practices to help to improve your sense of well being, manage stress, which will in turn make you a better caretaker for your little ones.

  • Through open conversations with other mothers, we will feel less alone and create connections in a safe setting where active listening will be cultivated. 


The Mindful Motherhood series runs from October 11th through December 20th, 2019.

The cost of each session is $100

Classes are scheduled on Fridays from 11:00am to 12:00pm. 


 Week  1     Friday, October 11

  Week 2     Friday, October 18

   Week 3     Friday, October 25

    Week 4     Friday, November 1 

    Week 5     Friday, November 8

      Week 6     Friday, November 15

       Week 7     Friday, November 22

       NO CLASS Friday, November 29 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

    Week 8    Friday, December 6

     Week 9    Friday, December 13

       Week 10   Friday, December 20 

To book a spot or for more information call (424) 421-2273 or please press the button below and submit your contact info: